Apr 21, 2011

Beef Stock.

Made some of this yesterday.
It was kind of a spontaneous decision.
I had the soup bones from my last order of beef.
(Or should I say gift of beef from my parents for Christmas...can I say....AWESOME GIFT!)
I used these directions, with just some minor alterations.

It also left me with about a pound and a half of awesome tender juicy shredded beef.
I wanted to eat it off the bone.
I did just a little.
Now the stock sits in my fridge to get the fat off before I put it in the freezer.

B.T.W., I read a great tip on how to save freezer space with stock.  It was in the River Cottage Family Cookbook.  It said you can let it simmer a really long time (like 6 hours isn't a long time already :) and get it really concentrated.  Freeze it that way and then just dilute it with water when you get it out of the freezer to use.  I didn't do that...didn't have the time to let it simmer that long.  But I thought it was a good tip, nonetheless.

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  1. I use zip loc bags. If you freeze them on a cookie sheet, they are really flat and don't take up much space. After they freeze they can be rearranged at will.