Apr 18, 2011

She's 3!

I haven't been able to get videos to work for the last year or so!
But I'm hopeful this time.  Let's give it a go.
For those of you hard-core Josie fans, enjoy the 3 minute video.  My feelings won't be hurt if you skip it. :)
(The part where both of the girls are singing their own little songs give you a good insight into my days.)

Happy 3rd Birthday Josie!
This girl adds some spunk to our lives.  She is so fun-loving and so free-spirited.  I love that about her.
She got a Live Butterfly Garden for her birthday.  The caterpillars come in the mail with the food and you watch them turn into butterflies.  Pretty cool.  She also got a couple of "school" books because she's 3 now and so eager to start "school" time. :)

The breakfast order: pancakes.

The cake order: a rainbow.
This was up my alley...no cutting and difficult frosting. :)

And fun party-time at the park!

We love you girl!


  1. What a great cake!! Happy Birthday Josie!

  2. Cute cake! And I loved seeing a video of your girls! I think Josie and Boaz could sing some mean duets someday!! :) (our house sounds much the same!)

  3. Loved the video--loved the singing. soo sooo precious! I sure love your family!

  4. Oh my goodness... I loved this whole post! The singing was my absolute favorite. =D How did the cake turn out?! How did you decide to do it? =)

  5. Nanette10:13 AM

    What a great birthday - to celebrate a great little girl!

  6. Your kids are AWEsome! Happy Birthday Josie!

  7. Love the singing girls! Maybe they will sing together someday. I had cousins that did that and there were 4 of them, all sisters. Their Mom sang with them too. It was great! Who knows?!?
    What fun it was to share the party with Josie and you all!

  8. Thanks for the video! It made me feel like I was there. :) More please!

    I didn't even recognize Malia with her haircut. So cute!