Apr 7, 2011

Meant for today.

I was on my walk last Friday (the gorgeous day I posted about earlier) and was overwhelmed with the beauty, pleasantness, and creativity I saw around me.  I was in awe of God as I walked along the gravel road.  Aah!  I wish I had remembered my camera!  I thought it several times as sight after sight, color after color, struck me boldly.

I was literally stopped dead in my tracks (well I guess technically I was doing a 180 in one spot) taking in the sky that I could see almost endlessly.  I think I actually threw my hands in the air and said out loud "You made this!"  I was just kind of giddy.  It was just one of those moments, and again I wished for my camera.

And in that moment, it was like God interrupted my thoughts and told me "This moment wasn't meant to be captured in paper and remembered years from now.  This moment is meant for today."

I don't know how to explain the joy that I felt in that moment.  But it was as if I got another small glimpse into God's heart.  The fact that He promises us a lifetime of moments.  Moments that are not meant to be relived over and over and missed, moments that are not meant to be longed for in advance.  But an endless provision of "now" moments that are meant to be lived. enjoyed. They are a gift.  A gift for right now.

"This moment is meant for today.  So live it!  See it!  Love it!  Soak up every color and sound because it will never be just like this ever again!  But don't be sad about it passing, and don't just wish for the next one, because I have promised you a lifetime of moments!"

Or more accurately I guess, He's promised me life abundantly, life to the full. (John 10:10)  This one was meant for today, the others are meant for their time.  If only my eyes are open to see.  If only my mind and heart will slow down enough to look beyond my own needs/desires, and see beauty from heaven invading every corner of this world.  It's there.  The only reason I don't see it sometimes is because my eyes are dull.

But this week God has been allowing my eyes to be sharpened.  More in touch with reality.  The reality that heaven is all around us.  It's been....fun. light. joyful. I feel so loved by Him.

And I know that I will let my eyes dull again.  Like yesterday...not a good day.  After all those light, joyful days of seeing "moments" pass before my eyes, I became frustrated with several things in my home, got grumpy with my kids, was consumed with my productivity (or lack there of it) and lost sight of reality.  But I still feel like His message to me is fresh, and I am praying that my eyes will be sharpened to His Kingdom all around me.


  1. Erika, that is so awesome! I love this post! Thank you for the reminder to enjoy the moments as God gives them to us. Thank you.

  2. I, too, love this post! It stirs a lot of thoughts and emotions in me. It makes me really long for a leisurely coffee date with you. Is that even possible these days!?! :)

  3. Nanette5:40 PM

    Erika - thanks for being a teacher to your mom. How did you get so wise?

  4. Beautiful, Erika. Well said. How hard it is to treasure the moment in this season of life. What a blessing it is when He makes us see Him in the midst of it.

  5. Just now seeing this, but I wanted to add to the others in sharing how beautiful this post is. Like Carmen, it stirred my emotions, which doesn't come that easily these days.

    You have a great gift of communicating authentically, which clearly comes from _living_ authentically. Thanks for sharing that gift!