Apr 29, 2011

James Bastien 101.

So I'm trying not to get too excited.
I've been trying to hold off from asking Malia over and over if she wants to start learning piano.
I just bring it up here and there.
I really want her to start learning, but I know that if it's not her idea, it won't take.
But she's been talking about it a little.
So today I got out my old piano lesson books that have my brother and sister's names written in the front and looked at them with her.  She was super excited about getting a piano lesson.  But I could tell that she wasn't quite ready to be on display, she just wanted to soak it all in.  So I played and sang some songs from the book for her and she's been flipping through them a lot today.
We'll see what happens.  It's not crucial that she start right now or anything. :)  I'm just excited.
And she may end up hating it!  What would I do then??  

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  1. I remember having a love/hate relationship with Mr. James Bastien when I was going through those wonderful books, but I have mostly fond memories of them now. Hope she finds a love for them like you did! :)