Apr 12, 2011


  A downfall to new construction homes is the lack of established trees.
I will miss having big shady trees to play in/under.
However...I am SO thankful to our good friends' and my husband's work this Saturday which yielded 4 semi-mature trees around our home!
Who knew about a tree spade??  Not me until recently.

 This is the tulip tree in the back.
I'm excited that it's in direct view from the window seat in the living room.

 You may not see it in the picture, but some buds have sprouted.
I'm trying not to get too hopeful, but it would be so cool to see some blossoms this spring!

 Another tulip tree in the front. 

 And two pines along the north border in the back.

To come in the fall...an apple tree or two in the back...
a sour cherry tree in front.

 Thank you Hubby and friends for all of your work!
This makes our yard like 10 times cooler.

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