Apr 27, 2011

Two Little Gardens.

 Now for those of you who think I'm a pro gardener, because I talk about it so much, you should know it's not true.  I've only had one garden in my grown-up life.  Last summer, we were building a house and packing up.  This summer we plan to do some again, but I'm still totally learning.  And we already missed the cool weather plants, so we'll only have tomatoes, cucumbers, zuchhini, maybe okra.  Maybe a few others...not sure yet.  We aren't planting grass until the fall, so our little herb garden was planted right up next to our patio.  Nate and I did this last night.  Mostly Nate.  So for those of you who think I know what I'm doing...it's hard to see, but the upper left herb (dill) is pretty much laying flat on the ground.  I really have no clue how to plant these things.  But I sure hope they grow, because I'm excited about using them!  We'll see what happens.

 And the second little "garden" is Josie's Butterfly Garden that she received for her birthday.  Just out of pure luck, or providence, her caterpillars came in the mail the exact day of her birthday party.  We've been watching them grow for over a week, then all of a sudden about 2 days ago, they started attaching themselves to the top of the cup they came in and formed their chrysalises (chrysali??).  We put them in their little net and we're waiting, waiting for the first butterfly to make its appearance.


  1. Fun! I like both of your gardens!

  2. love it! your pictures are beautiful and captivating. i especially like the partial shovel picture.

  3. Oh, what a great birthday gift idea! I love that.

    By the way, the picture of your itty bitty herb garden and your comment about the dill laying flat on the ground made me laugh out loud. But, just the fact that you know what are cold or warm weather plants means you are more advanced than I am. I probably would have tried to plant grass in March, only for the April rains to wash all the seed away. I've tried to grow basil for two years in a row and it just does not thrive...arg! Isn't basil supposed to be easy??? I'm excited to see what you'll do next with your yard/garden.