Apr 12, 2011

Who Needs Grass?

We were planning on planting grass this spring but I think we're leaning towards waiting until fall now.  We hear it does better in the fall, and honestly, it's kind of fun to have a sand pile.  The mud when it rains...yes that will get...dirty.  But oh well.  We haven't decided yet.  What do you think we should do?

Daddy's teaching her soccer.
Or basically...run-and-kick-the-ball-around.

This little slide (from the previous owners of our last home) has still provided much entertainment.

And the beloved sand pile.


  1. Love these pictures! Malia looks soo grown up in the close up of her! Levi had fun playing in the sand pile today. I asked rob what he thought about planting--he's afraid you'll get too many weeds that you'll have to deal with if you don't plant this spring. He suggests you plant both spring and fall. Just his thoughts, but our yard isn't wonderful, so we may not be the best ones to ask!

  2. Malia is turning out to be a gorgeous little girl! What a sweetie. Enjoy that dirt! I admire your ability to let them get dirty!

  3. Nanette9:08 PM

    Dad said the same thing - you'll have weeds come up this summer if it's not planted. But it's true, it is harder to keep young tender grass growing in the hot part of summer. Either way, it's going to be work.