Apr 1, 2011

Yucky Day.

APRIL FOOLS!!  It is beautiful today!  Can't wait until we get our yard.
But you know what?  A yard of dirt that isn't sloppy mud from snow isn't half bad either!

Especially if you have a sand pile.

And all this surrounding easement that is free to roam on.
(Oh thank you Lord for this perk to our lot!  What a gift that is!)

Roam free little girls.
Well, sure there is caution to be had, and I intend to be careful.
But I also want these girls to feel free to explore their world.

These pictures don't do the sky today justice.  I love Kansas sky.  I should have done a panoramic.


  1. There are many things I love about these photos...Josie walking on tiptoes in the first pic, the girls' expressions, and the gorgeous sky, to name a few.

  2. GREAT pictures! Love you--Gail

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Love that sky!