May 10, 2011

Pot. 2

Just had to put an update picture on here that Erica sent me:

Short for Pottawatomie State Lake #2.
We took the family and about 15 college students there tonight for a little campfire, dinner, and worship time.

The girls were just so excited for their first campfire!
Could it really be their first??
I'm trying to remember another time where we actually cooked hot dogs and s'mores around the fire with them, but I couldn't remember one.

They're ready.

Aliza was....not.
She looked okay at first.
But then she got sleepy...and then cranky.
I almost took her home and left the older girls.
But then she conked out in my arms.

Erica took Malia and Josie to throw rocks in the lake.

First they were throwing little rocks and "making rain".

Then they moved on to more serious throwing.

Whittling some hot dog sticks...

Looking drowsy...

Warming up the harmonica.

And making fire.

Malia kept telling the story of how when she threw a big rock in the lake, it splashed water all over her and she "loved it"!

Fun times!


  1. Nanette10:33 PM

    Looks like a great time! I want to remind you, however, of their other "first" campfire at Meyer Farmly Reunion.

  2. Oh, makes me SO miss our Kearney Girl/Manhattan times. Can't wait for some time with you very soon, lovely lady.

  3. Nanette11:02 PM

    The S'more Stretch made me laugh out loud!!

  4. I love all of these! =) Makes me smile because it was such a wonderful night!! Oh how I love your girls!! =) Malia told me that we need to go out to Pillsbury over the summer... I feel like I might have to make that happen! =D

  5. Thanks for sharing these pictures! Love the fun your girls had!