May 26, 2011


With Nate gone, and in the midst of this:
(Certain items blocked so surprises can be had by some special weekend visitors.)

I'm enjoying this:

and these.
Grow little plants.

and these.
Hello blooms.  They kind of came all at once.

and a little yellow.

I am excited to see what will come peeking out of here.

What I am not excited our vegetable garden.  Nothing's dead, but nothing is doing anything.  I think the cold stunted them.
Although we did plant a few watermelon and pepper seeds a week or so ago...hopefully they'll do okay.
I'm thinking about going and buying some more tomato plants.


  1. I had to buy cucumber plants 3 times because of the cold weather and not covering them and my plants are on the south side next to the house. The tomato plants should cheaper now...go do it! :-)
    You may need to add water to Josie and Malia's plantings they did with me. And you can take the top off if you want. Hope they grow!

  2. Nanette8:29 AM

    Well now, I'm sure anxious to see all the beautiful blooming flowers, and all my beautiful blooming family!!!! Soon the long-awaited surprises will be revealed! Thank you for all you are doing to prepare for the family weekend. See you soon!

  3. Just so you know, the flowers that we got you are impatiens! I checked today at work! =)