May 10, 2011

Tilling and Planting.

My Mother's Day present was the gift of my husband's labor...
he's tilled and planted the last couple of days.
Thank you hubby!

Go tiller go!
Being that we have no yard, he was tilling through weeds.
Hope we can keep them under control.

Sadly with the sudden HEAT of the last few days, our vegetables look pretty wilty.
I'm discouraged.  And sad for Nate.  All that work!
But we are watering...and hoping...

Speaking of heat, I didn't want to go outside to take pictures of the wilty vegetables.  Maybe if/when they perk up.

Our flower bed is planted in front of the house!
I really hope these live because I really love what we got!
I'm somewhat sheepish putting all these photos online for the world to see, only to later find out that the garden failed.  Hmmm...oh well.  I told you, I'm no pro.

Lady Elsie May Roses


Moonbeam coreopsis.

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  1. i'm wondering how your vegetable garden is doing now, since we've had a bit of a cold spell? i've been a bit worried about my little plants, but they seem ok-ish.

    by the way, are you planting grass in the fall? we may try planting grass in our shady back yard for the first time and i don't know a THING about how to do the fall the best time? our neighbor took out a few old trees (sad) which has suddenly opened our back yard up to unprecedented sun. we've never really tried to grow anything but weeds back there, due to the lack of sun, but now we have no excuses!