May 15, 2011

Today in a nutshell...

 I am loving the afghan I got garage sale-ing yesterday.

Nate and I made a 5-star meal for lunch:
Grilled Rib Steak
Butter and Dill Roasted Gold Potatoes
Teriyaki Green Beans

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the plates, but they were beautiful looking.
Nate singed his eyelashes grilling.  Seriously.  I didn't know that really happened.
Probably can't tell in the picture, but I promise he really did.

The girls approved.
And Nate's African heart was so happy to see them eating meat strait off the bones!

 When Nate was putting Malia down for a nap, she asked him...
"After nap, can we go to China?"

We didn't go to China.  We played games.

 And had puzzle races.
I will say that Josie bore a striking resemblance to her Aunt Dana in the speed department.
There was much belly laughter from Nate and I watching her and thinking about Dana.
She actually seriously beat Nate.  When he was trying.

And Aliza is 4 months old today.

 I love this picture because it's all of my girls together!  I imagine all the fun (and not so fun) times they'll have together.

A note about yesterday....Nate and I were SUPER PUMPED to hear that The Great Food Truck Race (a show we've seen on The Food Network and loved) was coming through Manhattan this weekend.  Imagine how excited our little food-competition show loving hearts were!  We drove around Manhattan for an hour yesterday (3 girls in tow) looking for the food trucks to buy some Korean BBQ for lunch, but to no avail.  We couldn't find them.  Once in a lifetime chance...gone.  Bummer dude.



  1. Fun day! We were sad to miss out on lunch with you all! What beautiful girls. I heard that all the food trucks got kicked out of Aggieville and they all moved to City Park. Too bad you didn't find them. :(

  2. Great pictures! When I come on Friday, may I get a few of these? I need to update my frames! Looking forward to "little girl" time.

  3. I love your new afghan!