Jun 16, 2011

6 A.M.

We awoke to Aliza's "I've-rolled-over-onto-my-back" cry shortly before six.
After a couple of rolling-her-back-overs, she drifted off into blissful sleep again.
Not so much for Nate and I.
But I'm glad.  We saw this outside.
In the back: 

and in the front:
It's a double.

(Funny story...Nate and I were both up and around when we saw the storm coming in.  He went outside to bring in the mower.  Somehow, in the midst of our shufflings, we both snuck out to take pictures without the other knowing it, he in front, and I in back.  Upon returning to our bed, wide-eyed, we both said "Come look at the pictures I just took!"  "Well, how could you have done that, I've had the camera?"  "No, I did."  Trust me.  It was funny.)

The God who governs this earth is quite the creative one.  Made my day start happy. :)
We let the girls play in the rain.

And Miss Aliza Belle is 5 months old.
I was trying to get a picture while holding her in a sitting position with one hand.

Ahhh, there we go.
This little girl is RELATIONAL.  She shows utter delight (with her whole body) at one glance of someone coming to play to her.  This has especially been growing in the last couple of weeks.
She's my biggest girl - in the 78th percentile!  What?  A Sapp baby, you ask?  Josie is in the 1st percentile!  Who really knows anyway.  Don't big babies turn out small and small babies turn out big?
She is definitely a joy to have around.

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  1. She is so cute! I was up at 5:30 this morning with Elias; I think he just wanted some one on one play time. Love you so and loved the fun little picture sharing/taking moment. That's wild.