Jun 6, 2011

Fan Loaf. You know what I'm talking about.

Okay all you K-State-ers.
Think back with me, if you will, to a little thing called the Fan Loaf.  Circa 1998.  Student Union.

Do you remember what I'm talking about????

The above picture is NOT the aforementioned fan loaf, but the most similar-looking picture I could find on the internet.

After time with my beloved Kearney Girls (college friends) yesterday, we are on mission to either a)locate or b)duplicate this recipe.

Any help welcome.  Do you know how we can locate this recipe?

Then all we will need is a big pop and a crossword puzzle, and we can re-live sitting in the upper level of the Union while deciding whether or not to go to nutrition class.


  1. That's funny. Is that the same as the Dollar Loaves? That's what I always called them since they were a buck each. I can't name the number of "meals" I had with those in between classes.

  2. That picture DOES look similar! Did it have a recipe with it?? I'm excited about this challenge! And I will personally volunteer my taste-testing services for anyone attempting to replicate the recipe. This reminds me of the Friends episode when Monica was trying to duplicate the PERFECT chocolate chip cookie belonging to Phoebe's aunt...turns out it was Nestle Tollhouse's recipe!

    It was fun seeing you this weekend! Love you!

  3. I had those every DAY for like two months...along with chocolate milk...mmmmm. Can't wait to see the recipe!!

  4. i totally forgot all about it!!! yes!!! the thing i love most is how i used to justify it as a healthy lunch! what were we thinking????

  5. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I have been trying to find the fan loaf recipes for years and I was in the College of Agriculture :(