Jun 13, 2011


Remember the Farm-ly Reunion a couple of years ago?
We just got home from another Meyer Reunion.
This year's theme???  MRU.  Meyer Reunion University.  Hosted by my uncle, who is the president of Highland Community College in Highland, KS.
Let's just say my family likes themes.  Like really likes them.
I told my Mom how hilarious I thought it was that they put so. much. work. into planning a themed out reunion just so they can laugh at themselves.
And boy did they laugh.
But truthfully, I think its funny too.  And I laugh at all (or most) of their jokes.

Here is who was enrolled.  The reunion was for my Mom's siblings and their kids/grandkids.  About 1/3 of my cousins were there, so if they had all been there, you can imagine the family size.  

There were "classes", ranging from English to Home Ec. to Geography, to Art, etc.
Some were not-so-serious...

Others we actually learned things in...
like how to make baby blankets like my Grandma made.

or how to grind wheat
and make it into a pancake mix.
Science class was a hit with all ages...(picture grown adults running around trying to catch butterflies for their kids' nature hunt.)

and so was art.
Malia got an award for being the first to get her art assignment in!
Malia?  Into crafts?  Shocker.

There was also lots of Recess time at this school.

The school nurse was needed a few times.

We played hard.

I didn't get photos of everything, but was also had a field trip with a sack lunch, a graduation ceremony complete with graduation caps (see top photo),  keynote speakers, and performances, and a church service in an old abandoned church building where apparently George Washington Carver attended.  My aunt found a recording of my Grandpa who has passed away sharing thoughts about a passage of Scripture and played it for the "sermon" during the service.  Talk about a tearful room.  I didn't know that was going to happen.

Thanks Mom and family for making the time special!


  1. I loved your photos. I haven't even uploaded mine yet. Your comment about them putting so much work made me laugh. It's so true - and they end up making me laugh at their silliness too. Love my funny family.

  2. Your family is sooo cool! What a fun reunion!

  3. That is just amazing. Makes me want to plan the same for my family!

  4. I love themed events (passionately love them!!) and thought you reunion looked amazing! Can I be an honorary member next time ;)

  5. That looks like a great time! How special. And I absolutely LOVE that baby FOCUS shirt!

  6. Hello!!!
    How are you?
    I'm from Brazilian...I love childrens...I love, Josie, Malia and Aliza...she's beautiful girls!!!

    Your's family is beautiful!!! very beautiful!!!


    Bye, Misty...of Brazil

  7. Yes,
    This is true...I love all the children's of the world.


  8. I love your pictures and the children are so adorable! Thank you for sharing. Check out my blog if you are interested :)


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