Jun 6, 2011

Remember that basement?

The one that lodged my whole family last weekend?

.....Here it is now.
In all it's glory.  Fans, dehumidifiers, carpet pulled up, pad trashed, mud, debris, blood on varying surfaces.

Rain water burst through this window, glass shattering, last Thursday early morn.
We saw it seconds after it burst.  Panic!
You can imagine how the story goes after that.
I called 911.  Still the joke of the day.
Wall to wall water in our living room and both bedrooms.  It reached our storeroom before the storm stopped and the water retreated.
I don't know how many hundreds/thousands of gallons we've extracted from down there, but its a lot.

Ahhh...the dreaded window.

Stuff piled into the safe room.

(here is where I correct my downcast heart and take on His perspective...)

This is what I am so thankful for:

A crew of people (some surprises) who showed up Saturday to work and fix our water problem.
A borrowed tiller.

The awesome-ness (and I mean that literally, as in it inspired me to be in awe of God) of a true community of all ages coming together to bless our family.
It was the closest thing to a old fashioned harvest crew or an Amish barn raising (both things I wish I could experience) that I've participated in yet, which brought my little heart a sense of joy.

Different roles played - raking dirt, tilling, shoveling, cleaning out the well, watching kids, making lunch.

To those of you who helped, WE FEEL LOVED!  Thank you!

I cannot help but see the hand of God in this whole deal, as I just started reading Ann Voskamp's "One Thousand Gifts". I suppose the water-logged-ness of our life right now is the perfect time to begin chronicling the gifts that God brings in my life every day.

So...I'm going to start.

#1. A shirtless child beaming as he contributes to the day's work.
#2. The fun of homemade pizza.
#3. Items that normally cost a lot of money, borrowed or shared.
#4. A sacrificial work crew.
#5. Good friends that are also neighbors.
#6. Simple water reminding me of God's power and my smallness.


  1. I love these pictures! Made me tear up a bit to see my little guy learning to be a man! We had so much fun helping out and hanging out! Love you mucho!

  2. Wow! What blessings!!! I love the one of Levi with the shovel!! So great!! What amazing people! Basements the flood are really no fun at all! In my house in Newton, I have grown up with flooding basements... I am so sorry! Glad to see you are getting fixed!

  3. So sorry to hear about all the mess!! Praise God for providing for you guys...I love to see the body at work! Love you.

  4. Love this, Eeka. Made my heart warm to hear of all the people who helped you. Glad I got to hug you this weekend. :)

  5. It was good to work together! Praying things are coming back together. Was a lesson for me in restoration - seeing the drastic measures it took helped me realize that sometimes to restore one must pull it apart, tear it out and tamp it down.

  6. This is great, Erika! It makes me so happy to see all those dear people (and kids, nonetheless) blessing you with their hard work. Wish we could have been a part of it.
    P.S. Way to go making homemade pizza...I totally would have ordered delivery. :)