Jul 15, 2011

6 Months and Ready to Move!

This girl wants to MOVE!
We sure love getting to know this little active one.
Bouncing in her saucer or in Mommy's lap might be her favorite activities.
Lately she is working on sitting up and standing against things.

Today she enjoyed playing with her big sisters and the car.
(Note the drool falling...pretty typical.  No teeth.  Just drool.)

You might say I feel blessed. :)
Sure love these people deeply.


  1. Nanette9:12 PM

    This series of pictures is adorable! Happy 1/2 birthday, sweet Aliza Belle.

  2. Those girls sure do love their Dad! Looks like Aliza will be moving all around soon. She is growing up fast!

  3. I love those people deeply too!!! So glad we could skype yesterday. Wish I could crop a picture of you in there and it would be such a fun, family photo.

  4. Oh my goodness! How precious!! I love that last picture! So great! I can't believe she is already six months!

  5. Wow, that 6 months has gone by fast! Love the pictures:-)