Jul 8, 2011

Inner Foodies.

We love food around here.  Nate and I talk about embracing our inner foodies.
Not so much in the gourmet sense, just in the way that we really like food.  And I love to be creative with food.

We call this "the basil plant that survived".

It made it.  And is flourishing!
I love fresh pesto so a couple of nights ago decided to make some.

That led to me thinking about making homemade pasta.
One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I spent 2 hours in the kitchen making this:

The noodle recipe came from here.
I followed a creamy sauce recipe that I had on hand, but left out the spices and added my pesto.
The meatballs were made out of ground pork, ground beef, an egg, some parmesan and spices, and browned in some lard.  Yes, lard.  I'm starting to use lard more often.  That's another topic for another time.
I have to say it was pretty delish.
But it left this.

When those leftovers were gone, I was still in a creative mood.
So I made these tortillas.

To fill them we layered some enchilada casserole mix, lettuce, and some cilantro lime dressing (using cilantro in the freezer).

Yum again!
I don't spend that long in the kitchen every day, but sometimes it's just fun.

And Aliza is cute.
And rolling over and about to sit up.

Just had to sneak those in there. :)


  1. liked your transition from food to Aliza...made me chuckle to myself!

  2. That made me laugh, too! Cute kids and yummy food!

  3. Aliza IS cute! What a doll baby! But, seriously, LARD??? What is this world coming to? I need some explanation on this one! :)

  4. She is beautiful! I love reading about your adventures! Our basil is about to take over our garden. I guess I need to get to work on making some stuff with it. :)