Jul 19, 2011

Reliving my Childhood.

Remember these??

It is fun to get to experience them all over again.

She's got her game face on folks.  There is reading to be had.  Love the library.


  1. I loved those books growing up, too! I especially loved the Frog and Toad one where they go looking for spring because "it's around the corner" or something like that. I think it's awesome that she loves reading and it's great to see her doing it all herself.

  2. Love watching Malia figure reading out! Her mind is moving fast as she discovers the world of words!

  3. Terri H11:08 PM

    Gabe read through these a while back. They are great! I didn't realize that Arnold Lobel has written a lot more of these easy readers and they are all equally as good.

  4. We are reading these same books this summer! Lilly loves the Amelia Bedelia books. Fun!

  5. love frog and toad! i also loved bernstein bears, corduroy, velveteen rabbit, the secret garden, and those classics that were condensed for younger readers (oliver twist, david copperfield, great expectations, swiss family robinson, etc).