Jul 4, 2011


     I got a hankerin' for Strawberry Shortcake the other night.  I've never really had a biscuit or shortcake recipe that I love.  But I gave the good old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook version a try.  Lo and behold, those people know their shortcake.  It was scrumptious.  I'll probably start using it as my scone recipe, by just adding some fruit.


     Malia said to me last night, "Mommy I need 1 piece of paper, a pen, and some scissors.  I'm going to make a book like yours."  She's made tons of books, but this one warmed my heart because she is copying my "One Thousand Gifts" list.  She made her paper lined (which is funny because mine isn't) and began her list.  It wasn't until she announced "I wrote Jesus, because I'm thankful for Jesus." that I realized what she was doing.  She would gradually go back to it and add things and announce them as she did.  Now "A Mommy", "A Daddy", and "Clouds" have made the list.  I love that she's thinking about things she's thankful for!  Most likely, she'll be done with this idea by the end of the day and on to something else :), but for now I'm enjoying her choices to be grateful.


  1. Love Malia's list!!! And that strawberry shortcake sure looks good! Thanks for sharing your girls with us. We are still telling Malia and Josie stories! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Nanette11:01 AM

    Erika, I love seeing Malia's projects. I feel like I'm enjoying you all over again. This one in particular tugged at my heart and made me think of days long ago.

  3. The strawberry short cake looks oe delicious, i will make it.