Aug 31, 2011

Charlotte, Baths, and Sunflowers.

Just some random stuff from around the house lately.
Malia has seen parts of this movie, but now...she's discovered the book.
We saw it at the library and she wanted to get it, and I thought "Why not?"  It seemed kind of out there for her, but she's totally been loving it!  I am continually amazed by how much these kids can learn.
She even made her own bookmark (that looks strikingly similar to the public library's that they handed out with the Summer Reading Program - she loves to copy what she's seen) to keep track of where she's at.
I get page updates about where she's reading throughout the day.
We've used the book to inspire some new vocabulary and spelling lessons.
She got to pick the words. :)
And don't even think about leaving #2 out.
Oh no, she wants to do whatever big sister is doing, so we've started just a few "school" times with her too.

Aliza had her first bath with her sisters.
(Nervous laugh)...kind of crazy.  But she survived. :)

And today I took the big girls for a walk down the road behind our house to pick some of these sunflowers that are EVERYWHERE.  They were in awe.

I love having fresh flowers in the house. :)


  1. What fun to see "school" for Malia and Josie! Sounds like they are doing great. And glad Aliza is "one of the girls" now at bath time. I'm sure that makes it easier for you. Remembering you today as you cook for students and Challenge happens.

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  3. Fresh flowers. Have to agree.