Aug 20, 2011


Childhood friendships.
Aren't they sweet?

Got to have theses sweet kids over this morning while their parents spent some time together
for the Mama's birthday.

This is our neighbor's puppy.  Since he was fenced, the kids were okay with him. :)

Too cute.
They got so dirty I had to hose them down before coming inside.
Good summer fun.

I know I mentioned a "recent eats" post.  Will come soon.


  1. Oh, my goodness, Erika! These are so sweet. Thanks for capturing some of the morning's moments. And even more, thanks for taking care of our two, so we could enjoy some time together. It has been a refreshing day!

  2. Nanette8:54 PM

    Wasn't it just yesterday their mommies played together on birthdays?

  3. very cute & sweet friends. nice pics :)

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