Aug 9, 2011


Basil is one thing that yielded no shortage in our garden.  Good thing we love basil.  Sad thing we have no tomatoes to use it with.  However, there are not many things I like better than fresh pesto.  I think I've probably blogged about this many times because I like it so much. :)

We had enough pesto to freeze some, give some away, and still have enough for dinner.

Pesto Pizza it is.  Yum!
On my pizza, I like to use these veggies.
(That's a zucchini, not a cucumber.)
I saute the peppers and zucchini first in a little olive oil.

I didn't realize I was out of mozzarella until I opened the freezer to grab cheese, so we used cheddar instead.  Not too bad.

A few people have asked for my crust recipe.
I usually double it and make 3 round crusts.
Did you know you can freeze crusts in the pan before you top and bake them?  Great for a quick meal later.

Side note:
The girls are having a blast with the crafts given to Malia for her birthday.

Also, Nate saw this and we laughed hysterically.
What exactly does "Naturally flavored with other natural flavor" mean???
And I'm pretty sure there is not one natural thing about powdered lemonade???  Hilarious.

So...if you bought any of the girls' lemonade on Saturday, isn't it reassuring to know that your drink was naturally flavored with other natural flavor??

That's all for now.  Pics of the b-day to come.  We have one more gift/treat happening tonight!


  1. Love it. I so wish we lived closer! How'd I'd LOVE some of your basil. And I would share the ridiculous amount of tomatoes from my mother-in-laws garden. Just this last week I've probably picked 50 tomatoes. NO KIDDING! I do not have a green thumb so as long as all I have to do is pick them I'm good :) Love you, friend. Thanks for sharing your life through blog.

  2. Okay, so does your pesto recipe call for Parmesan cheese? I'm sure it does, but I'm still hoping, since we can't get Parmesan very readily here. If so, do you ever use imitation? I know, I shouldn't even utter the word when married to a 1/4 full blooded Italian (who wishes he could claim 1/2 blooded). :)

  3. I had this lemon basil chicken salad last night and it was delish!