Aug 16, 2011

Oh the many faces...

 ...of my 7 Month Old!

I just adore this girl.
She was kind of cranky for a good week or two after her doctor's appointments.
But I think we're rounding a corner.  Actually, embarrassed to say it, but I think she was just hungry.
She's just now getting to the point where she enjoys and understands eating solids.
So I think it took me awhile to realize that she actually got it and was wanting it more often!
She's getting a little happier again. :)

She's working on sitting up by herself for long periods of time.
She's also getting up on her hands and knees and scooting around to get things.  Very determined.  She's very playful with things we put in front of her, yet also craves her snuggle time with Mommy.  I love it. :)  More sounds and babbling are happening every day, so we're really seeing her playful side emerge.  Fun stuff!  

The patch has become a normal part of our daily routine.  We immediately saw some small improvements, but it has kind of plateaued since then.  We'd love your prayers!  I believe that God can heal her eyes if He deems it good.  I'm settling into the likeliness that surgery is soon around the corner.  God is good.  And I'm thankful for just exactly how He made this girl!

On another note....don't laugh.
I'm not building a bomb shelter.
This is my attempt to do our main grocery shopping once a semester.
I stocked the pantry upstairs.  The rest went down here in storage.

When we built this house, we specifically designed it with gardening and food storage in mind.
Last semester I did a little trial run to see how much of stuff I used.
But this was the first time we actually did our "one big stockpile" for the semester all at once.

The goal is three-fold:
a) Mainly, it takes much less work to plan meals and I have the ability to spontaneously make things that come to mind.  I don't have to search the pantry before every shopping trip.  I just know that we have things.
b) It will save time!  We will still have to regularly buy produce and dairy, but grocery trips will be much quicker!
c) It will save some (not huge amounts, but some) money.  Less trips to the store = less impulse buying.  And some things are cheaper when buying in bulk.

We'll see how it works. 


  1. I can't believe Aliza is seven months old!

    I'm very intrigued about the bulk shopping stock-up. Let me know how it goes long-term. Very interesting. With this philosophy, a Sam's Club membership could be worth considering. Hmmmmm.

  2. Erika--you continue to amaze me! I'm trying to picture the cashier's face when you went up to check out!
    Love that Aliza girl--she's such a sweetie!

  3. Praying for Aliza and loving just how God made her too! What a fun little one!!
    I've done semi-bulk buying most of my married life as in Africa we never were certain we would see the item twice. So if we saw it, we bought it. And you know many of the funny stories of my stockpiling adventures...snickers can last 5 years in the freezer! :-)

  4. Oh, the stories! I've actually made fudge-cicles with instant chocolate pudding packets that came from Africa- to Ancient City- onto our Valley. Expiration date was 1994. They say you take on the traits of you mother, I guess you could say I've taken on the traits and some of the stuff! The kids loved the fudge-cicles. :)

    I'd love to stockpile like that. Just have to watch out for those nasty mice (here, not there!)

  5. Wow! Once a semester?? I'm impressed.