Aug 19, 2011

Rolls, Tadpoles, and Watermelon.

Nate had a different lens on his camera today.
I picked it up and played all day.  I know a little about settings and such, but not much.
I just thought it sounded like fun to journal the day in pictures.
WARNING:  lots of pictures.

First we started the day off sweet.
I baked 3 dozen cinnamon rolls this morning for some college students.
We kept a few for ourselves. :)

Made some bread.
I've been using a recipe from my friend Rachel.
It's great for slicing and making sandwiches, which is what we do the most with it.
I just use my machine to mix it, then bake it in the oven so it's less "crusty".

This one wants to join in the playtime.

My "One Thousand Gifts" list.

Oh the laundry...

Who is this grown up looking girl?

Okay, time to go outside.

I love having a mud room.  Have I mentioned that?

First I thought they died.
Then, I realized that they were still alive.
Then......they told us they were BULLFROG tadpoles.
Ahem... come again?
Remember...frog phobia.  Why does that always seem to come up on this blog?
These things are going to be enormous.  I mean, look at the size of these tadpoles.
When my heart starts beating quickly thinking about these things growing up, I have to push those thoughts out of my head and breathe deep.
Doing it for the kids.

Caught one!  Then Josie cried because she wanted one, so I caught her one.
My face felt like it was melting running around in this heat.
Again, doing it for the kids. :)  Worth every sweaty drop.

Oh, basil.  Thank you for your abundant harvest.

You too, Okra.
Did you know??  My mother-in-law told me that if your okra grows to big and woody, you can use their seeds in soups as a thickener?  Pretty interesting.  May have to try it.

Watermelons are growing!  About 8 or so.

Do you love how you can see weeds and grass all over my garden?
I tried to keep up with it for awhile, but it now feels insurmountable.
This is a good picture of how unkempt it is.  Watermelon vines have grown onto this rotted tomato plant's cage.  Nice.

Can't wait till we plant grass in a few weeks!!

Time to clean up. 

The roll-over-in-the-seat trick.


Good day.
Tomorrow I'm going to post some "recent eats" from the Sapp house.


  1. Nanette8:50 PM

    Loved the glimpse of a day in the Sapp home!

  2. Busy and fun day! Talking about our kids and grands living and working far away this weekend has me missing the grands near and far. Would love to sweat with some little ones!

  3. Awesome! Can't wait to see more posts.