Aug 22, 2011

Strawberry Pizza...and other good eats.

This is by far the most interesting thing we've been eating around here lately.
Sometimes for lunch we put pizza toppings on tortillas and bake them for about 10 minutes for a quick lunch.
When I asked Malia what ideas she had to put on her pizza, her response was "strawberries!!"
Not seeing a good reason to shoot that idea down, we went for it!
I actually haven't eaten it yet, (I've been spreading pesto on mine) but I have to admit, it doesn't look that bad.  I like pineapple on pizza, right?  How different can it be?

Strawberry pizza has become a lunchtime favorite.

This is the last of the cinnamon rolls from the previous post.  It went to our downstairs roommate, Joanna. :)
I don't normally make cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but working with college students often requires cooking, which often yields leftovers.  Can't complain.

This is what came out of that bread machine in the last post.  Yummy stuff.  I like to spread butter over the top when it comes out of the oven. :)

And last but hardly least, I've been enjoying maybe a few-too-many shakes in the last couple of weeks.
We made a batch of ice cream that didn't freeze up well (Dad, help!) so it has been made into milkshakes.
My historical favorite:  peanut butter (and no chocolate or anything else).
My recent favorite:  peach!  SO good.  Pictured below.
Homemade ice cream makes some dang good milkshakes, let me tell ya.
So at least we got that out of the deal.

Can anyone tell me why our ice cream may not be freezing up correctly??
Filling the container with ice, with a little salt mixed in.
We let it go for 45 minutes and still runny.  Does it just take longer??


  1. I have learned in my extensive (ha!) homemade ice cream making, that if you don't add enough salt and continue to add salt and ice, it doesn't get cold enough to really freeze up. Try adding way more salt than you think, that's what I did for my last 2 batches and they turned out great!

  2. I was going to say what Anna said. You have to continue to add the salt and more ice in order to get the temp cold enough.

    And strawberry pizza...interesting, girls. :)

    Also, could I snag that bread recipe from you?

  3. I want the bread recipe, too! Can you post it for all of us?

  4. Hey there! We normally have to put our ice cream in the freezer for a while ... which feels like forever when you're ready to eat the homeade ice cream as soon as possible!

  5. hmmm. very tasty & delicious food.