Aug 4, 2011

What I could salvage...

Its no secret that our garden this year was not so hot.
Or should I say it was incredibly hot?
We did get good okra and basil.  And the watermelon is just starting to grow.
But the tomatoes...they just stayed green forever then rotted as they turned red.
With the same number of plants before, I was able to make almost a year's worth of sauce.
This year I was able to savage about one 9x13 pan's worth, plus a few more for eating.
Instead of making a measly batch of sauce I opted to just dice them and use them in soups and such.
They don't look quite this orange in real life.
That was probably all the canning I'll do this year.

Unless anyone has a plethora of cucumbers...I'll buy some from you!

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