Sep 27, 2011

Can it really be happening?

I am thrilled!  We are about to plant grass!
Well Pillar is to be more specific.

So first, the girls gathered up some rocks from the "yard" to paint.
 The one in front here is Malia's ladybug. :)

 Ahhh...the smell of fresh dirt.  I can't describe the anticipation it fills my little heart with. :)

Tomorrow they come back with a skid-steerer to do some grading and some more fine tilling.

Bring on the grass!  Oh Lord let us keep it alive.



  1. So excited for your new lawn! Will now pray for rain or strength to water and inexpensive water! You will love the lawn after all the work!

  2. Oh my goodness. I love that picture of Jos! She is precious!! I am so happy that you guys finally have grass! Yay! =D

  3. question: did you trick your girls into picking up rocks by turning it into a painting party? just wondering. clever mom.