Sep 26, 2011

Caramel Apples

Malia has been wanting to make these for a good while now.  So we invited some friends and set to work!

It really was a good project for little kids.  They could stab the apples with the sticks, unwrap all the caramels, hypothesize about what would happen to the caramels in the microwave, spread butter on their waxed paper, and put their apples in the bowl.  I melted and spread.

Raw, abandoned joy.
Oh, what a gift.  Please Lord, may I only encourage this.

Look at this precious girl!
No caramel for her. :)
Her eyes are getting better, but still puffy and they will be red for weeks.

B.T.W...I found it strange that Wal-Mart had no caramels.  We actually used a cream-centered caramel candy.  It works fine, in case you run across the same issue.
Happy fall!


  1. You mean you didn't just make the caramel from scratch? (just kidding) It's good for the heart to see such happy pictures. I'm also glad that Aliza is recovering well.

  2. This is inspiring. I don't let my kids get messy enough...

  3. Love the pictures and it does make it seem more like Fall even though the temperatures aren't quite cool enough yet! I would love a bite of some of that sweet caramel apple!