Sep 16, 2011

This Little Space.

     Does anyone else find it difficult to remain faithful in praying for people in the way that you want to??  Nate and I asked the people who help fund our ministry what we could pray for them and we were delighted when they sent us back requests!  Days passed and Aah!  How can I really pray for all these requests when I have so many of my own for family and friends??  But if I say I will pray, I should, right?  And I really want to.  It's just a matter of how to remember everyone's specific needs and find the time.  Oh let's be honest, it's as much about using the available time well as it is finding it.  I'm sitting here typing right now, aren't I?  There's time.

     So, aspiring to assist in prayer being a regular part of my daily life AND having some empty space above my desk to utilize, I decided to make a "prayer board", if you will.

     Basically, I bought a poster frame at a thrift store, a half yard of fabric, and a 4-pack of cork board tiles from Menards.  (I looked for a more interesting frame that I could spray paint, but to no avail.  Not much fits in that space.)  The cork board tiles were the perfect width so I just placed them onto the cardboard backing and cut the length to fit.  I stapled some fabric around the cork board, inserted it into the frame, and whalah.

This little desk space is just off the kitchen, close enough to my living area that I come and go here several times a day.  Scripture that I want to commit to memory is also sitting open, in that little red frame, for the same reason.  I'm hoping that, having these cards accessible, I will pick one or two up in passing to pray over during the day.

I also hope to add more to that little wall, letting it serve as a "perspective-changers" space.
Lord knows that acquiring and maintaining a gospel-centered approach to life takes much self-correction!
Reminding myself of truth is a must for me to get through my days! 

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  1. I am challenged by your intentionality and even more by your sincere acknowledgement of your daily need.