Sep 11, 2011

German Game Night

Sort of.
That was Joanna's original idea: German food and a night playing through 4 awesome German games.
But Nate was in the mood for sushi.  And I, for cookies.
So it became German Game and Random Food Night.
Except we only got through 2 of the 4 games before we tuckered out.
So, maybe it wasn't the original idea.  But it was still fun.
 Josie admiring the sushi-making.

Jen, the master roller. 

I know it's the trendy thing to like sushi, but I just don't.  It's the seaweed.  But fun to try, nonetheless.

Beirocks and brats.  And a few other sides.

And the cookies I was craving.
They take like 15 minutes to make.
But I'm telling you they aren't good for you.
I generally try to cook healthy, but when I do dessert, I do dessert.

The first game of the night: Settlers of Catan.

Joanna, Nate and I played Dominion afterwards, but I didn't take pictures.
The other games on the list were Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride.  Maybe at a later date.
Fun night!

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  1. Fun times! I'd like to have that cookie recipe. So they're not healthy...but they are delicious!