Sep 22, 2011

Post Surgery

 With puffy red eyes and dilated pupils, Aliza returned home today ready to sleep. :)
Surgery can take it out of you.  They said she would be acting like normal before we headed out the door.
But not my baby...she slept all day.
This was after I woke her up to be awake a couple hours before bedtime.
But her eyes looked this puffy all day.

This little girl handled surgery great!  Though she wasn't able to eat when I woke her up this morning, she didn't fuss about it once!  She was up for 2 hours before they put her under anesthesia.  They took her before they put her out and put her on an IV.  That was fine with me.  I didn't have to hear her cry once.  Whew.  Hard stuff to hand off your baby.

But everything went smoothly and for now, her eyes are aligned.  This was expected and it will take a few weeks to know if it will "stick".  i.e. how her brain will respond to this.

Nate and I have felt SO loved by all the prayers being offered on behalf of our family!  If you are one of those people, we are 1)incredibly grateful and 2)believe that God is using you!  Please pray that this would work and her eyes would stay aligned.  Thank you!!



  1. Thanks for posting the update. We will continue to pray!

  2. Aliza, we are so glad you are okay! We love you so much and think those puffy little eyes are so beautiful. We are praying for you so much and will keep praying!!
    Aunt Jenni, Uncle Austin, Ethan, Elli and Elias

  3. Love the pictures!! Love that little girl!

  4. Puffy eyes and still gorgeous, will continue to pray for her!