Sep 29, 2011

See how excited we are?

Pillar planted the grass today!
Oh, what entertainment it has been for the family.
I need to get a book from the library about grass.  Yes, I think I will go search their website and put one on hold when I'm finished here.  Organic learning at it's finest. :)

A couple of times I have found Nate staring out the window, lost in gaze and thought.
"Our yard is huge," he says again and again.
I think moving the garden and sand pile made him realize just how big it is (for living "in town" anyway) and how fortunate we are to have the space.  Thank you Jesus!


1 comment:

  1. Love the excited picture! I think I need that one. Could you email it to me? Praying for you as you water the grass in your huge lawn and for good growth. I think the Bible story about the seed and the sower might be fun for the girls too. Would love to tell it to them!