Oct 5, 2011

Family Photo Shoot

The frames above the piano have been empty since we moved into our house, just waiting for colorful pictures (some that actually include our 5th family member) to fill them!  Having a husband that is a photographer is a nice perk when it comes to having family pictures.  Though in regards to having happy, cooperative kids during the photo shoot....well I wish good camera equipment helped that. :)  This time, an ice cream treat vision was cast.  It worked well.

Here is a sprinkling of images we, mostly Nate got.

We'll probably use this one below, with an Aliza head from a different picture that is looking forward.
Yes, Nate can do that.  Crazy.
Or maybe the top one of the three girls.  Not sure yet.

We might combine some bodies/heads from these photos too. :)

Can't wait to fill the frames!


  1. OK, I'm ready to update my pictures again!! Please email me the pics! What fun!!

  2. Adorable! What a wonderful family!

  3. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Hi. My name is Nicole (just btw.)
    I think These little girls are just adorable! ^-^
    Especially the youngest!