Oct 29, 2011

Guess what we did this morning?

It goes choo-choo...

 and you can ride on it...

Even grown-ups...

It has a bearded driver...

Oh yes, it's a train.
And it's free!
The Wamego park got this train last month and it gives rides every 5 minutes.  So cool.
And so nice that we live 10 miles from Wamego.  It was probably faster to get there than to the other side of Manhattan.

Even without the train, it is still an awesome park.

It still has some of the "old-fashioned" playground equipment that you don't see much of anymore, but that is awesome.

Like merry-go-rounds.

It is very open so you can see everything and there lots of different things/equipment spread out across the area.  AND it's on grass and rocks.  Good old-fashioned earth.  Love it.

Forgot to mention:  The train only runs for certain hours on the weekends, and today was actually the last day until spring.  But the park alone is still worth it. :)

Happy Weekend to you.


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