Oct 20, 2011

It's Pie Time.

Oh yes, it's this time of year.

This morning I attempted to make two pies from scratch while taking care of 3 little girls.
Hmmm....I got grumpy and impatient.  I think I was a little over-ambitious.
So, I didn't get pictures after this.  Woops.  But here is the filling of the apple one.  Also did a peach.
(Oh yeah, I was feeding 6 college students in addition to my family tonight.)

What is your favorite pie?


  1. Man! I always knew that you were a stud! I bet they were awesome! I found a recipe for a pomegranate pumpkin pie that sounds absolutely delightful that I might have to give a try! =) Because yes, it IS that time of year! Woo! =)

  2. Nanette11:10 PM

    Apricot pie is #1!!
    Peach would run a close 2nd.

  3. Do I see cranberries with the apple? How did the crust turn out?

  4. Nice!! My husband is a pie maniac (key lime or cherry would be his favorite). But pie is pretty far down the list for me. The Mennonites make this sickeningly sweet yet oh so delicious peanut butter pie that is pretty amazing. I am in awe of your pie skills I have yet to tackle a homemade pie crust!

  5. My favorite pie is my Mom's cherry or apricot pie. She makes an amazing crust and nothing is better than fruit pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the top.
    I understand about trying to do something and get pictures. I didn't get a picture of the cookies with the girls. If you have time, could you take one with them holding their cookies? Would love to have done that.

  6. Um, those pies were AMAZING, Erika. Thanks for working so hard every week for the Worship Team. And I'm sure you did a great job at multi-tasking. I would have to say my favorite pie is that strawberry rhurbarb pie. I think you make one a couple years ago? If not, then maybe that's next haha. :) Your are great.

  7. Favorite pies to make: apple and chocolate cream. Favorite to consume: almost any, but mostly boysenberry. YUM!

  8. Favorite: chicken pot pie. mmm.