Oct 7, 2011

Music and Art.

Though slightly older than Malia and Josie in the pictures here, we now have this one of Aliza to add to the collection of like-photos that sit framed on our piano.  There are also ones of Nate and I in the same pose.  Anyone know of where I can find a good 4x6" 5-6 hole frame?  Preferably all in a row?

Okay, snap back to current day:
I drew with permanent marker as the girls dictated the scene.  My favorite is my attempt at an alligator, and the fact that it is in deep sea.  Oh, and the shark that was supposed to look scary.  I know, I know, sign your kids up for my art classes now.
P.S. Josie has a haircut scheduled this evening.  How short to go???  Just a trim, or a chop?

They were pretty proud!

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