Oct 25, 2011

Post Surgery II

I haven't posted anything about Aliza's surgery follow-up recently.

After her surgery, things looked great for about a week and a half.  Then things started to look a little shaky, her eyes beginning to drift inwards off and on again.  For about a week, it progressed and was looking much like it did before her surgery.  Then, five days before her follow-up appointment, they started re-aligning.  It got better and better as the week went on.  So either that is typical for how eyes "stick in place" after this surgery, or God just decided to align them.  Either way, we are thrilled, as we really thought they were going to just go back to how they were!

At her appointment last Friday, the doc was very positive.  He said that while he can see some slight crossing with either eye at times (as do we), her eyes are "in the range" that he hopes for with this surgery!  And that she is recovering very well!

The likeliness of her eyes again starting to drift apart is unknown.  Totally possible, but just no way to know for now.  Nate and I are SO thankful for your prayers!

Oh yeah, I forgot a 9 month picture earlier this month, so this one a little late will have to do.
She is constantly on the go, scooting and standing up on things.  She doesn't yet realize that she needs to hold on.  So often we see her grab something, hold it with both hands, and then fall to the ground. Trying to stay on top of those little falls, but sometimes, she just as to learn on her own. :)


  1. She looks so happy! Praise God that she is recovering well. Love to your family.

  2. Nanette2:30 PM

    She has such a "big girl" look in these pictures. How did that happen so fast?

    Thank you, LORD, for Aliza's progress.