Oct 28, 2011


Today was the day of projects.

I didn't have any "task" planned.  Friday is my "One big job" day of the week (every day of the week has it's own chore, if that makes sense).  So on Fridays if there is nothing looming, I just get to be a little more chill.

It had been tooo long since the girls and I had done any out-of-the-ordinary projects together, school or fun.  I was inspired yesterday by this project.  Maybe someday soon.

The girls were (as usual) not short on ideas for things to do.  So we tried to do a handful of them.  Not worried about what else I wasn't accomplishing, we all had such a fun time!  Well, Aliza just played, but she'll soon join in the activity. :)

PROJECT #1::  Pillows for dolls.
Their very first sewing machine project!  They used a needle and thread too, but they've already done that before.  Well, technically, they helped me do it....I didn't set them loose with the machine or needle.
See the little hand-sewing we did together on the side.

PROJECT #2:: Make the solar system.
Well Josie had her own inspiration.  She wanted to draw the stacking cups.
She used some fabric for the sun.
And painted the rest.

PROJECT #3::  Math with stacking cups.
We've had these cups forever.  Aliza is actually enjoying them for toppling and banging reasons.
Malia used them to check her math today.  They each have a number in the bottom and they actually hold an amount of water that is proportionate to the number.  So you can do addition and subtraction with them.  We might take these into the bathtub.

Before we got the cups out, she wrote in her answer.  Then we did it with the water to see if she was right.  Pretty fun!

The other idea was to make enough musical instruments to have a band.  Maybe another day. :)
Love all these ideas they come up with!

Does anyone have any other good sewing machine project ideas?  I'd love to help Malia get started on basic things.


  1. Terri H9:19 PM

    Those cups are the coolest thing ever. I must have a set.

  2. What a fun day! Our Fridays generally have a very similar flavor. I love seeing those stacking cups used that way. About sewing projects...a simple baby doll blanket/quilt, some kind of simple headband or bracelet, design a stuffed animal from one of her drawings, hot pads, a basic drawstring bag?

  3. Pajama pants! Super easy and then she can wear around her own work. Or maybe a cape with a design or shape in the middle. :) This is so fun - wish I could come over and sew with you and the girls!

  4. Your house looks like such an awesome, happy place to be a kid. Good job, mama!