Oct 27, 2011

Two More Tries.

 I've tried two more recipes from "More With Less" this week:

New Potatoes and Peas With Ham (gotta love those creative names)
It was basically like potato soup but much less sauce and more food.  It was very tasty, good for you (depending on how much cheese you use), and start to finish in about 45 minutes.  Winner.
I'm not sure, is it okay for me to be putting recipes from a book on here?  Hmmm...maybe I'll abstain. (refrain might be the more appropriate word?)  If you're curious, leave a comment or email me.  I can send it to you.
Not the most appealing picture, but good, I assure you. :)

Per Amanda's request, I also tried the Oatmeal Bread.  It was tasty and made good toast, but the bread was pretty crumbly.  Was yours like this Amanda?  Or did I just do something wrong?  I used about half whole wheat flour.  Anyway...taste was good.  Just kind of crumbly to work with.

The picture doesn't do justice how covered my kitchen was with crumbs!  Table, chairs, everywhere!  Ha!  Now you know what my floor looks like after a meal. :)


  1. LOVE More with Less,! Try Pakistani Kima. It has been a family favorite for years. That last picture befor I liked closely looked like one of your girls' feet hanging off a dock some where. I keep thinking, where is that dock? It is your table, cool picture.

  2. What kind of cheese? Looks like velveeta? Something that melts well. Have you tried it without cheese at all? I think I would like it either way. Good stuff.

  3. I think I used cheddar.

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