Nov 21, 2011

It's Bake Time.

It's time to bust out the Butter Braids.
This recipe takes some time, but I'm telling you, it's worth it.
Try it.  It's better than you think it will be.
You will drool over it as you look through the oven door and see the butter sizzling on the bottom of the pan.

But you can't be scared of dishes.

Or butter.

Isn't it pretty?
Let this little guy raise.

Oh yeah.

You think it looks amazing, and you would be correct.
But wait, one must not forget about frosting.
But I had to put these little beauties into the freezer to await their frosting on Thursday. :) 
Okay just realized that I don't have the recipe with me.  I'll post it soon. 

Then this morning, we decided to make pumpkin pancakes.
I used this recipe.  They were awesome.  Very fluffy.

While we were cleaning I let Aliza entertain herself by eating off the floor. :)
Is that horrible??