Nov 16, 2011

A Runner.

A runner, most likely I will never be.
A walker, yes.  A runner, no thanks.  I about die after a few blocks.

I guess if I can't be a runner, I can make a runner.  The different sort.
The kind for a table, or in this case, a piano.
Since we moved in, the space on top of the piano was a hodge-podge of different items.
It needed some color and homey comfort.
In case it's not already obvious, I love patchwork pieces.

I put this together without having to buy anything kind of craftiness.
And I love it because it includes pieces of our family: kids' quilts and dresses, previous garage sale scraps, old pillowcase, and a lounge quilt.

The back was some burlap-y type fabric from my Mom-in-law.  Not sure what it is.  My Mom advised not to put it in the dryer.

Ahhh...a touch of family right there on the piano.
Which little fingers are starting to tinker around on more and more. :)


  1. That is so SWEET! It works perfectly. I am wondering by the empty spots in the frame...adding a couple more to the family?!?

  2. It turned out really nice. I'm thinking of saving pieces of old dresses and having a local patchwork piece made for Elli and I! Right now I'm just saving old dresses. Where did you find your long frame? I think I remember a post that you were looking for one! Glad you found it.

  3. Great job, Erika! Just so you can know - you can machine wash and dry that fabric. I do it all the time and it comes out great. I used it to cover old bedside tables and just stitched around the edges not even turning them under. It didn't even ravel. Great material and I picked it up from someone leaving Africa.

  4. Nanette7:51 PM

    FUN runner! Glad you got the correct info about the backing fabric! It will be fun to hear the little fingers tinkering develop and progress.