Nov 8, 2011


I have three:  Garden Supper Casserole.  Oh my.  This was amazing.
This is by far the top winner from More-With-Less at this point.
With Joanna eating with us, we almost finished the pan.

 (Side note:  There is a shift happening in our family of 5.  One 9x13 used to feed Nate and I for 3-4 meals.  Then for awhile it had been feeding our family for at least 2.  We are now approaching the time when one 9x13 pan is seeming to disappear quite quickly.  The leftovers are not always enough for another whole meal.   Though I guess I must take into consideration that most 9x13 dishes I've made lately have been like a whole meal in a dish, with little or no sides.  So...maybe that's a little comforting.)

More words:
Our school activity yesterday was to write a story, one sentence at a time.  I did the first sentence, then Malia, then Josie (I helped her write), then around again and again until we finished.  Joanna and Daddy added a few in there too.  Here is the story, "About a Bear", titled by Malia.

And there you have "About a Bear."


  1. Malia and Josie, what a good job you did on your story, "About a Bear". What fun to write your own story! Glad Mom, Dad and Joanna could help you out. I'm sure that was fun! Love you, Gogo

  2. I was curious about the recipe and pulled out my ancient copy of More with Less. Sure enough it was in there and I have to try it! It sounds so good and very adaptable depending on what you have in your frig! Thanks for the review.