Dec 12, 2011

Jam Sessions and Lessons from Narnia.

All three were playing at the same time this morning.
Aliza looked pretty proud that she could join in the fun. :)


Unrelated, I had a pretty sweet time today with Malia as she was reading and processing "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe".  She's been into the book for a couple of weeks.  Now understand that, though she understands much of the plot line, most of the symbolism is lost on her.  

I was working on Christmas gifts during nap/quiet time and all of a sudden I hear Malia start crying from the room she's in.  Like really sobbing.  I go in to see what is the matter and she has her book open.  "Mommy!  This page just said that Aslan is dead, and I really love him!"  She has tears running down her face.  "This is really sad!"

If you haven't read the book, Aslan is the God/Christ figure and in Narnia he has just been put to death by the Witch on a Stone Table.  Wanting to rescue my daughter from the sadness she is feeling, I am tempted to just tell her to not worry, he is coming back to life!  I suppress the urge to ruin the story for her, agree with her sadness, comfort her, and tell her I'd love to read the next part to her to see what happens.

She agrees and together we read the (pretty thrilling) tale of how Aslan comes back to life and explains to the weeping little girls in the story (whom Malia related with) how, though the Witch did indeed know some magic, it was limited, as her knowledge of it only began with the dawn of time.  If she could look farther back before time began, as Aslan could, she would know that "when a willing victim who had committed no treachery was killed in a traitor's stead the Table would crack and death itself would start working backwards."

Now, she didn't know the meaning of many of these words, so I began explaining them.  Already understanding that Aslan was "like God", she was quick to connect the Stone Table with the cross and the resurrection.  So it was fun to talk again about Christ's innocence, the punishment he took for the traitors, and about how the "deep magic" of God extends beyond any other power.

If you've never read The Chronicles of Narnia, it is never too late.  Nate reads these books about every other year or so.  They are written to be engaging for children, yet they are packed with imagery and symbolism of the gospel that, as an adult, is refreshing to read in a new context.  Great reads.  I hope my kids continue to enjoy them!


  1. Nanette9:55 PM

    Bless her little sensitive and receptive heart.

  2. Love the picture of Aliza...looks like she is grinning and saying, "See Mommy, I can do this too!"
    So grateful for how God is drawing Malia towards Him and for the opportunity you took in sharing it with her!

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