Jan 16, 2012

One Year.

 This little girl is starting to have her own look.  You know how there are times when it just seems like a baby is growing into her own skin?  A little less baby...a little more kid.  This happened recently.  Just in time for her 1st birthday yesterday!

Family came for lunch and Strawberry Shortcake. (our kids don't get much sugar until they are 2, so Strawberry Shortcake has been the 1-year birthday tradition.  It's the biscuit-type variety, not the sponge-cake variety.)

The same candle that has lit up three birthdays over the years...

Lunch menu: Ham and Swiss Stromboli, Italian Stromboli, Gogo's Cabbage Salad, Veggies with Grandma Meyer's Dip, and Fruit.

Wow...this is the most sugar I've had in this mouth yet.

Malia was excited to give Aliza the needlepoint she made with the kit she got for Christmas.
I thought it was pretty sweet.  It will be hanging in Aliza's room soon. 

See what I mean about growing into her own person?
She is looking different!

She loves to be with her sisters and do whatever they are doing.  And Malia and Josie are so good at playing with her!  Their current favorite activity is to all crawl around the hallway (it goes full circle) "chasing" each other.  Squeals of delight from all three.

Happy Birthday Aliza Belle!


  1. How sweet, she is gorgeous, can't believe she is already 1! Malia raised her hand yesterday in class to tell us about her birthday party, pretty sweet big sister too.

  2. Nanette10:24 PM

    We sure had fun celebrating Aliza Belle!

  3. It was fun! Thanks for including us in the celebration. In looking at the pictures though, I'm seeing the Myer's chin and she does look more like Josie. Although her forehead, eyes and head shape sure do look like her Daddy. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  4. My she really has changed. In one of the pictures I see a facial expression I've seen on one of Nolan's kiddos. Cousins, they're the best. What a special girl and such beautiful eyes! Would have loved to been there to share in the celebrating!