Feb 27, 2012

Move it on Out.

A stand-by Sunday lunch here (if we don't eat out) is grilled steak, potatoes, and asparagus.  Yesterday we moved it outside, per the girls' requests.

Hello huge steak.

Aliza's a fan of steak, we discovered.

Aliza and I moved it inside after lunch.  The pictures don't show this, but she was generally cranky throughout the first half of the picnic. :)  No clue why.  Gotta love the no-communication phase. :)

Hooray for nice weather!


  1. Love the pictures of the nice weather and you all enjoying it! We had snow during the night and off and on most of the day. Enjoy the Spring like weather for me!

  2. Man, I love the eating at home on Sunday tradition. Sounds so yummy!!! Is it Bern beef? Wish we could be there this Sunday!