Mar 28, 2012

It Has Begun.

 We have some seeds in the ground.

Nate has some mad tilling/raking/moving railroad ties skills.  And let me tell you, I really like watching him do this sort of thing. :)  He's got buff arms.  There is something so attractive to me when he sets to work.  Okay, back to garden.

It was hard to dig up our new grass.  We're trying to think long-term, so placement of this garden involved much deliberation.  And honestly, I'm still feeling a little unsettled about it.  I love where it is!  It's just that I easily could have used  twice the space.  I may be talking to Nate about tilling up another spot...???  I'd get to see those arms again. :)

Josie's carrots are Malia and I.  Josie wanted to go to the store with Daddy to get seed potatoes.  I also did some broccoli, lettuce, and arugula.  Hoping to do Malia's potatoes and some cilantro soon.

Malia wants to make signs with wood.  I'll have to go digging in the garage for some scraps. :)

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  1. Looks good! Can't wait to plant a few things too! Trying to figure out where in the yard you put the garden. Can't wait to see it all!