Mar 1, 2012

Kitchen Table Productions.

As I've said, this has been a busy table.
Starting back with Valentine's Day...the girls and I made some Valentines for their friends whose Moms are in my Life Group.

I REALLY didn't want to do candy, and thought it would be hard to come up with another idea.  But I saw these stickers at Wal-Mart and wallah.  I saw the heart-stitching idea on this blog and used it.  Bought the baggies too, but the rest we had.

Malia taught me how to make tissue flowers for a friend.  Something she learned at a library time once.

I tried my hand at the pinterest t-shirt flowers.  They were not nearly as complicated as I thought they'd be.  You could do this!  This one was for a friend, but  I think I'd like to make one for myself.

Two sets of burp for a nephew about to arrive, and one for a new little friend who is already here!

4 pillow slipcovers...Here I followed a tutorial on pinterest for the back slipcover part, but made up my own designs for the front.  Can I tell you how much I love patchwork designs?  All the fabric was from my scrap stash.

The backing was the same burlap-y type fabric that I got from my Mom-in-law and used on my piano runner a while back.  I bought the pom-pom trim at Hobby Lobby. dear Hubby helped me with this one...because no one wants to see me try to use power tools.

I bought a 2x4 on sale at Menards, had them cut it for free, and used some of our leftover trim paint to paint it.  Nate screwed it into the wall to make a base for our coat hooks in the mud room.  I love it!

There is something about a mudroom with lots of small, dirty shoes that makes my heart happy.

 So I was about to put the ironing board that has been out for the past month away, then realized I'm about to start round 2 of projects.

First up: 3 little Easter dresses.

I was talking to my Mom on the phone the other day and she said that she remembers feeling extra-creative in the late winter months, too.  The post-holiday, pre-summer/gardening season.  Maybe that's it.


  1. You have been very industrious! What special things you have created. I may need a lesson or two on several of them.

  2. Nanette11:59 PM

    Great results!!!!