Mar 27, 2012

Personal Family Finance 101.

That's the only class in college that I got a C in.  Seriously - I am not kidding!  101!
Financial lingo and I...we don't really connect.

Here's to hoping Malia does better than I did. :)

She loved her school assignment today: making a chart of all the coins in her piggy bank.  I think she could make charts endlessly.  She loves them.

Whenever I tell Josie that she's going to have some school time, she asks to do her Phonics book.  That's worked well for me!  Low prep. :)

And this little one brings me her shoes about 5 times a day.
She loves being outside.
I was thinking today that having a baby in January was pretty great timing.  The first months where you don't get out much are winter.  And when she's ready to walk and lose her morning nap, it's Spring!  I like it.

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