Apr 30, 2012

About to Erupt!

The girls helped me form a volcano out of paper mache and a bottle a few days ago....umm, actually about a week and a half ago.   Painting happened a few days later.  And finally, the day they had been waiting for arrived.

It was kind of dinky-er than I expected.

Just gotta love the expression on Malia's face.
We looked through a book from the library about Mt. St. Helens erupting prior to this; it was fun to compare what was happening to what we learned in the book.

 On another note, there is a slight change here in this home.  Having always loved braided rugs on wood floors, especially in front fireplaces, my intention since we moved in here was to someday have one on our floor.  After randomly seeing one on Craigslist recently, it has arrived to its new home!  They just feel so warm and cozy to me!  Who doesn't want to sit over there?

Let's be honest, it's going to see many books, shoes, and toys in its lifetime.
I suppose that is part of the charm.


  1. Oh, that face is so Malia...love it!

    Great find on the rug. It's beautiful. Can't wait to see it in person!

  2. Love the rug! Love the Happy Goat Slipper! :) Miss you so.